5 Factors to be successful in Affiliate Marketing as a beginner

Affiliate Marketing and making money with that form of business is not only having the tools and trying to make money with everything you can and everything you have a grasp on. It is not only looking at your customers and clients as a source of money. It is more than that, and when you start Affiliate Marketing, you have to start with certain mentality and certain set of mind in order for you to be successful.

Let’s list below the set of mind that can go a long way and make everyone, you as an affiliate, and your clients happy and a winner…..


I am sure you have heard the above saying you also heard another one that goes : Help people and money will follow.

You as an Affiliate Marketer, must understand that your task is to help people, to walk a mile in their shoes, to find a solution for their problems. The formula is easy, Find a problem, Find a solution, Recommend that solution.

Remember that your task is to recommend products not to sell them. The company that you are affiliated with will do all the selling, your job is marketing.

So, help people let people trust you which makes you create an audience around you that in the future they buy anything you recommend.

See how Kaelin the founder of LadyBoss helped 1.3 million women around the world and in result, she made an 8 figure company


Tell me how many times you have heard people say get rich quick with online business, work 30 minutes a day and make a lot of money,….. and things similar to this! I am sure it is a lot.

You have to know that it is not true. Online Business is like any other business, It takes times, it takes hard work, and it might take some money in some cases.

It is true that in the future it becomes on auto pilot and it becomes passive income, but in order for you to have something like that, you have to do the hard work in the beginning.


Here is rule #1 in affiliate marketing, You should not promote products that you don’t believe in. Just thing about it for a second, in affiliate marketing you are looking for a long term business, you are looking for personal branding, you are looking for a good relationship between you and your clients.

Having said the above, just think again what happens when you promote products that are not good and you don’t believe in them yourself? I am sure you will loose your clients who trusted you and never come back again or trust you again.


We always hear and see question like: How can I start affiliate marketing without spending any money? How can I do an online business with no money,…….etc.

The person who asks this kind of questions is not serious about starting a business, and won’t be successful at all.

Let’s go back to the previous point when we said Affiliate Marketing should be treated like any other business. Now tell me how much does it cost to start physical business? let’s see what cost you will have, Rent, Insurance, Salaries, Utilities, Business fee,……etc.

Now people want to start 7 figure affiliate marketing business with no money at all. It is true you can just pay $50/year for hosting and domain name and start affiliate marketing, but then, you need auto-responder, some paid ads, maybe some courses if you want to make your business big.


Here is a mentality of people when buying something, they don’t buy the first time they see it, rather, they need a reminder up to seven times.

Here is when you come as an affiliate marketer and send them reminder emails. for that purpose, you have to invest on a good and practical auto-reponder.


  • BUILD YOUR MAILING LIST – A list of subscribers is an asset that you may have as a marketer. let me ask you a question, have you ever shopped at Old Navy, Children’s Place, GAP, or any other place where they asked you to give them your email address in exchange of 20% discount? Why were they willing to give up 20% in exchange just an email address? that is because they know the money is in the list and if they have your email address, they can keep sending you offers again and again and in the long run, they can make from you much more than that 20%. Simply they know email marketing works today.
  • INVEST IN A GOOD AUTO-RESPONDER – An auto-responder is a piece of software that sends emails to your subscribers in sequence. You have to set it up once then it is automatic for any subscriber that comes in. Have you received emails from big companies like safeway, Old Navy,….etc. it is not a person who sits there and types all those emails to each subscriber, it is an auto-responder that was set up once and now it is an automatic thing for any new subscriber. So invest in a good system that can make you good money.

Mailchimp is free auto-responder to use up to 2000 subscribers. but, to be honest, I never liked it when I started my affiliate marketing journey and tried to use it. Also it doesn’t allow affiliate links which defeats the purpose for you as an affiliate marketer.

Also avoid using those cheap systems because they make you life harder trying to set up your email sequence. I use drip which is perfect for me but it doesn’t come cheap.

  • MAKE A GOOD LANDING PAGES – What makes people give you their email addresses? it is a combination of few things but firs, let’s see an example of one of my landing pages HERE. What do you see?
    • An offer – Which I am giving you 7 days to try the software free or you buy it now and get 25% off
    • A video – Which explains what exactly you are getting
    • Attractive headline
    • More explanation below about the product
    • Professionally designed landing page which gives a sense of trust

All the above factors contribute to influencing you to give me your email address. If that happened, you will be in my email sequence forever and keep emailing you until the time you unsubscribe.

APPLY THE 70 30% RULE – When you have email subscribers, you have to treat them with respect. Don’t look at them as a source of income and start promoting products all the times. Rather, apply the 70 30 rule which is, 70% of the time give them useful information and add value. But, surely you are an affiliate marketer and want to make money, 30% of the time send them affiliate offers to buy.

Just think about it as a client and put yourself in their shoe, what will you do you a sales man just pushes you to buy something? you will be bothered with that right? but how about someone who gives you useful information that you can use, then sometimes he tells you about a certain product and how good it is…… How do you feel about that approach?

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