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Dean Grazioso is a well-established American real estate businessman and teacher. Dean Graziosi is known all over the planet. He was featured in The Best-Selling Author of the New York Times. All this has rendered him a well-known investment giant in real estate.

Graziosi has worked tirelessly over the last 25 years to become one of today’s most respected businessmen in the region. For several years, through his novels, DVDs, lectures, and even conferences, he has encouraged many people to get into the real estate industry.

He sought to show citizens the advantages and rewards of investing in real estate. He showed people opportunities to make real estate profitable. He also developed modern approaches and strategies to grow and become a real estate giant through his coaching techniques. He opened a school that only teaches real estate, which changed its name in 2010. He also toured around the USA to educate people about real estate and its advantages.

net worth

Dean Graziosi net worth = 45 M

Dean Graziosi comprises several income sources (smart man!), which he generated one at a time. As a real estate investor, you may know him nowadays, but Dean’s eye for real estate transactions and real estate investment began with something far closer to home. Dean Graziosi is an entrepreneur, marketer, investor in real estate, performance consultant, YouTuber, and blogger. He is well regarded for his TV show that educates others about how to move into real estate. Dean Graziosi’s net worth is 45 million dollars.

Dean had a disturbing upbringing. When he was three, his parents divorced, stayed with his mother and grandmother, and then moved in with his father when he was 13 years old. He comes from a low-income family and has been trying to get by. Graziosi has Dyslexia, a disease that causes difficulties with reading, writing, and spelling.

When he was just 20 years old, Dean got his first real estate contract. In 2002, he founded a production business. Graziosi is also the proprietor of his home flipping business, JBB Enterprises. He’s also an author and published his first book named “Totally Fulfilled” in 2006. This book was about how all your life matters are encompassed by performance.

“Be a Real Estate Millionaire: in an Uncertain Economy, how to build wealth for a lifetime.” This was the second book that he released in 2007. In 2010, Dean published his third novel, ‘Right Now Benefit from Real Estate.’ This book was about how to create real estate sales that are successful. “Dean wrote “Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Riches and Happiness” in 2016. This book explores his main habits of leading an affluent lifestyle.


He was born and raised in New York’s Marlboro district. Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post were his parents, his father, and his mother. Of the two siblings he has, Dean is the youngest. His parents separated at the age of 3 years, and his grandparents and mother mainly adopted him. He went to live with his father at the age of 13 years, and he encountered several hardships while growing up due to financial difficulties.

Due to financial problems that rendered his life more complicated when growing up when he was 19 years old, they frequently shifted. He went to high school in Marlboro and never went to college. Graziosi has already had his first entrepreneurial success when he hit the age of 20, restoring, purchasing, and reselling used vehicles. He had already signed his first real estate contract at this period. With little funds, Dean managed to purchase and repair apartments with no money to spare. It inspired him to continue investing in real estate from that encounter.


Dean is married to Jonelle Ward now, and she is blessed with two daughters. Born fifth, Briana was born in 2006, and Brody, who was born second, was born in 2008. He resides in Phoenix, Arizona, with his girlfriend.


Dean eventually became knowledgeable about what he did after struggling and trying. His first dive into real estate preparation started after effectively closing many real estate acquisitions. This was because, based on his life background and what he’d experienced over the year, his first training course started. Think A Bit Different” was known as his training course.” He wrote his first book after years and years of popularity with his software, which back in May 2006 went by “Totally Fulfilled.”

In this book, Dean’s unique and innovative methods of investing in real estate are in-depth. More and more books arrived with fresh material after this. Most books became best-sellers. There were books that, just after 90 days of publication, became a success instantly.

He agreed to partner with Insider Financial in 2010. The enterprise owner has over 15 years of experience and knowledge in executing and managing live events. The goal was to begin to have a personal view of a live event in cities around America. His market success was quicker by combining impeccable credibility and preparation, contributing to the number one real estate firm in America in 2011.


Knowledge Broker

He participated in several profitable businesses at the beginning of his career. He was qualified to appreciate the sector and read more about it. After his training course became popular, Dean Graziosi became a household name. Everything he knew about the real estate business helped him develop the “Think a little different” course.

He formed his own business in 2002, which is known as Dean Enterprise. It focuses on both the production and dissemination of its real estate goods. What the company deals in is publishing Dean Graziosi’s books and information materials.

In 2006, he released his first novel, Completely Fulfilled. His second book is named “Be A Millionaire of Real Estate,” and it was released in 2007. Vanguard Press published both novels. His third book, Benefit from Real Estate, was released in 2009. This third book was among the most vital selections in the world of real estate. He also published two additional “30 Days to Real Estate” and “Millionaire Success Habits” novels. The term “The Underdog Advantage” goes to his new book, which has developed a massive following.

In 2010, Dean Graziosi’s net worth skyrocketed as he entered an organization with more than 15 years of experience running and organizing profitable live events. To adapt their theories regarding the real estate business, he later traveled internationally to several different locations.


He is well recognized for “The Summit Event on Growth.” This is a life-changing experience that will motivate you to build and fulfill your life’s aspirations and priorities to achieve a higher stage. He also has a 90-minute online training course that reveals the current economy’s secrets to earning profits. Dean defines it as the most comfortable means of creating wealth digitally.

Dean’s third course appears to be “Real Millionaire Monthly.” He and his top pupil, Matt Larson, who has over 8000 real estate transactions to his credit, co-created this online course. He also hosts an exclusive “Millionaire Monthly Habits” program.

His most recognized path, though, happens to be “Knowledge Broker Blueprint.” This is Dean Graziosi’s current and newest course. Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins designed this value-packed course. This course would allow you to recognize and utilize your talent, interest, or experience to develop a career.




Different habits are the small pieces in building any personality regardless they are good or bad. Let’s see the habits of  Graziosi from early life contributing to the person he is today.


Dean grew up watching his parents gain too little and work hard. Since you don’t need capital to start and there is no limit on how much you will receive, he preferred real estate. He had been employed on a 6-month deal on a dumped apartment to get off. It was his wealth’s beginning. Dean then began a company of infomercials. He was continually working tirelessly to reach his ambitions and to discover different doors from which to pass.

We all have destructive processes that we are a member of. It can be stuff like poverty handed on by your ancestors, or it can also interrupt the depressive loops you have recently gotten into. Anyway, these self-defeating patterns ought to be detected and stomped out for good. You make space for new ways as you split old loops.


Graziosi is a believer that being disciplined leads to all progress. To set a strong example for his children and supporters, he makes use of his restraint. The purpose he published his last novel, Millionaire Performance Patterns, was that people would gain insight into what you need to do regularly to achieve on a considerable level. Many people want to be famous, but they don’t want much to do with everyday discipline.


In every case, Dean Graziosi believes in seeing the good. He preaches that you can be driven to nowhere by thinking and negativity, and it is a waste of time. When you should function to make sure things go well, worrying about things that could never happen is a waste of mental resources. Your subconscious will not be imaginative at the same time when you are pessimistic for so long.

Every day, you have a preference. You can wake up to see and feel positive on the bright side, or you can see and feel sad on the dark side. The range is yours. Being optimistic

doesn’t mean you’re never ready for the worse; it also ensures you realize that things will turn out for good in the end, and that makes you hopeful.


You can stick with it once you discover a niche you enjoy and find it fun to deal with. Via this approach, every time problems get complicated, you can gain continuity far faster than shifting places. It doesn’t matter what sort of investment you use, and you can get to know everything required to thrive.

Before you invest in it, you may need to perform extensive research on a specific house. In other terms, before you start spending, strive to know the land worth, the kind of culture around, and much more. You would need to test this data to ultimately win and discover more stuff that cannot be learned when moving forward. With these moves, there is no question that everyone will become a great financial investor in real estate. Bear in mind, and these are just a few of his lessons.

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