Dotcom Secrets Review (by Russell Brunson) – Is This Book Still Relevant In Today’s Internet World?

If you are starting out online marketing and selling services or products online, there is no doubt that you can make it as long as you show up and never give up. The only thing is, that it can take some time to learn and test what is right and what is wrong. In short, there is a learning curve that you have to go through.

To reduce the length of that learning curve, I suggest taking it from experts in the industry who spent a big part of their lives doing this and learning about the industry and creating a successful online business.

In my Dotcom Secrets Review and summary, you will learn all about Russell Brunson Internet Marketing Book and whether this is real or fake and a good business tool to use to make money online. There are some great and some bad platforms out there, so watch this to find out how to use it and what might be a better way for you to profit in the short term 😉

I recommend Russell Brunson’s and his book DotComSecrets: The Underground Playbook For Growing Your Company Online.


The book is written by Russell Brunson, the founder of click funnel and a successful online marketer since He was a teenager.

What is amazing about the book is, it was published in 2015 but the strategy works today in 2019 or even 2020. A lot of marketers use the book to make money on a daily basis.

The book is not full of theories, rather it contains realistic and actionable advice that you can start today and see results.

This 254 pages book, is filled with real examples including real stories of Russell during his journey to establish his online empire.

As of today Jul 31, 2019, the book has 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon with more than 600 reviews.


The author, Russell Brunson is an online marketing giant who started his online business and marketing business back when he was in college selling Potatoe Gun DVDs

He is the co-founder of Etison LLC,  which found clickfunnels afterward.

He worked around clickfunnels and produced books like DotCom Secrets, seminars, courses, and made a whole world out of that clickfunnel software.

As a result, Russell made more than 206 million dollars and he is part of 2 Comma Club within clickfunnels.

In short, Russell knows what he is talking about. If we are to take online business from someone, Russell must be leading the way to his journey.

Russel transferred the knowledge he has about digital marketing through his book DotCom Secrets


Let’s see some of the important ideas presented in the DotCom Secrets book…..

Ladders & Funnels

When you selling something that is worth $500 it is not easy for people to take their wallets out and buy it because they don’t know you, yet, and they don’t trust you enough to give you $500 dollars.

But, if you are selling something that is worth $29.99, is it easier for people to but it because when they think about it, what is the worst that could happen? they lose that $29.99 which is no big deal like the $500.

Now, after they buy the $29.99 product and see the value. if the value is good people start to trust you more. You have to capitalize on that trust and offer them something more expensive but has more value.

Keep doing that and that is what is called a sales funnel. It is exactly what Mcdonalds and Amazon are doing.

When you buy something on Amazon, they offer you something else telling you customers who bought this product also bought the following….. do you want to but it?

Mcdonalds, when you buy a burger they ask you if you want fries with that

Communication Funnel

This section is all about communicating with your audience and building your brand.

It contains many things in reality. like being able to attract people to you with your personality, being able to speak in parallels, and having a back story and being able to to tell it.

Being relatable is the main factor of your audience is attracted to you. If you feel their problems as consumers, if you feel their pain, that is what a marketer suppose to do.

Russell also talks about email marketing as a very important method of communication. He talks about email sequences and the concept of Soap Opera Sequence

Image credit

For example, the above contains 14 emails and broken into 3 sequences.

Subscribers go through email 1 to 3 where there is a condition to be triggered for example open email 3 or not. if opened they go to email 4 if not they go to email 1 SOS 2

Russell also talks about the daily Sinfield emails. They are emails to keep your subscribers entertained and won’t forget you. These emails don’t have to be full of value if they contain a 10% value and the rest is entertainment is good enough. The main purpose of them is to remind people of you.


In this section, Russell talks about funnels. how to build them, what is a successful funnel, and what is the main goal behind them.

He also stresses the point of never creating a funnel from scratch. Why re-invent the wheel while others in your industry created one ready to use for you!

In this section, the 5 elements and 7 phases of successful funnels are explained. Russell says the make or break of business is in the full understanding of each phase of the funnel.

Funnels and Scripts

This is the most important section of the book that needs to be understood in order to be able to make money online.

Rusell, the author shows the best sales funnels examples, the techniques, and psychology used in those funnels.

Also, DotCom provides you with samples with fill in the blank funnels so you can implement them in your business

In this section of DotCom Secrets, Russell talks about several business concepts like Free plus shipping, One-time offer, Product launch, and others.


This section of the book talks about clickfunnels which is a software that helps you create sales funnels in minutes.

What is ironic is, Clickfunnels is used to create funnels to sell itself. See more on clickfunnels here


The only and one way to make money with this book is, to implement the strategies and techniques mentioned in it. It is a book written by a marketer with many years of experience to another marketer showing what to do or not to do in order to succeed in this industry.

Another way of making money with this book is, to promote the book and join the affiliate program of clickfunnels here

That is a great affiliate program to join because it is surrounded by best marketers, best courses, and the best environment. You won’t be making any money for selling DotCom Secrets, but at the back end, you will be getting 40% of any clickfunnels program people to buy if they go through your affiliate link.


The paper copy costs $14.80 om Amazon as of today HERE

But it is free on clickfunnels website and you have to pay the shipping and handling only $7.95 in the US and might be a little higher if it is shipped outside the US Get it here

Russell usually gives all his books like this one, Expert Secrets, and Network Marketing Secrets for free.


DotCom Secrets is a very good book to read if you are in online business regardless of your niche. You see a lot of techniques that you can implement in your business.

All techniques are tested by Russell and his team throughout his online marketing courier and guaranteed to be the best.

The book is free, so there is nothing really to lose. If you are selling anything, or you have any kind of business, I highly encourage you to pick up a copy because it is guaranteed that you will learn something.

Another recommendation is, after this book, if you want to be an expert and authority in something, Expert Secrets book should be read.

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