How To Make Money With Doodle Videos(for Beginners)

In this blog, I will share How To Make Money With Doodle Videos. Watch this video and tell me, Would you like to be able to create videos like this?

I know it looks really something difficult to do, you have to be a graphics designer, or know how to code………

The good news is, You can create videos like this in seconds and you don’t even have to have an experience. It all happens with Doodly. It sounds too good to be true but, let’s dive and see what is it all about.

According to a study published in the scientific journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, doodling can aid a person’s memory by expending just enough energy to keep one from daydreaming, which demands a lot of the brain’s processing power, as well as from not paying attention


What is Doodly Software?

Doodly is a software that allows you to create doodle videos in a matter of a few minutes regardless of your video creation experience.

It is a matter of a drag-and-drop design. In the past, to have a video like this, you have to pay a lot of money and wait for weeks in order for someone else to do it for you. Today, with Doodly, you can create your own doodle videos in minutes while you are in your pajamas.

Things You Can Do With Doodly

First, You can create any number/unlimited amount of videos. The background or the board, there are four choices…..

Whiteboard, Blackboard, Green board, or Glass board. Personally, I like the glass board. What is your favorite?

With Doodly, you will be able to draw any image in seconds. Just drag the image you want from the image library provided by Doodly to your drawing area, then just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Doodly provides 100s of images and characters for you to use with the software. But, how about if the image you want is not included in that package or library? That is not a problem too. Doodly gives you the option that you can upload any image you want to Doodly and you can use it.

Doodly also gives you an option to use any kind of hand. Male, female, color, or size.

Voice, Music, And Audio With Doodly

After finishing creating your video, it is time to add audio. If would like, you can add music only which is included with the software. You have 100s of royalty-free audio tracks that you can use, or you can simply upload your own music clip.

When it comes to adding a voice-over, It is an easy process as the rest of the processes. You can record your own voice or you can upload a file with a professional else’s voice. Doodly will sync it with the video perfectly.

Images, Characters, Backgrounds..

With Doodly, you get 200 Characters with 20 different poses each (Imagine the possibilities!), When it comes to background scenes, you get 20 of them and hundreds of props and assets covering almost every topic on the planet.

And remember, You can always upload your own images if it happened that you can’t find what you want.

Install Doodly on Many Computers as You Want

Usually, when you buy software they tell you you have one license, or you can install it on only one computer. If you want another copy, You have to pay more.

But with Doodly, you can install it on any number of computers you want without any extra payment.

How To Make Money With Doodle Videos?

How To Make Money With Doodle Videos

We talked about the power of videos when it comes to online traffic. If you are in Making money online business, the most important factor for you is traffic and people visiting your site. Just like any regular/offline business, If you have a physical shop, if no one is coming to your shop, it doesn’t matter how good of products you have, you are not going to make any sales.

In an online business, you have to give surfers a reason to click on what you have, you have to keep your audience engaged with what you post. It is a proven fact that engagement with videos are much higher than engagement with text or images.

There are many ways you can make money with Doodly. The sky is the limit. Let’s see some ways here.

You can offer local businesses like the dentist’s office, Pizza places, or real estate agents to make a promotional video for their business. Using Doodly, it won’t take you long to create 5 or 6 minutes video and you could charge $300

If you have an e-commerce or Shopify shop, you could make your ads in videos using Doodly. If you are using Facebook ads, I am sure you know how Facebook and the audience of Facebook love video ads.

With video ads on Facebook, Your engagement increases, your traffic increases, and your sales increases

Youtube is the largest and most free advertising platform on the planet. If you are doing affiliate marketing for Amazon or any other company, You could create videos with doodly talking about products or product reviews and upload those videos on youtube and get free advertising and make commissions.

What Do People Say About Doodly?

When you purchase Doodly, You also get access to their Facebook page that is filled with happy customers and all the praises.

This Facebook community of Doodly will be a huge asset and big help in your journey of using Doodly video creation software because they are real people just like you and I, real users just like you and I, they face the same challenges and have the same or similar questions.

Let’s see what some of them say about Doodly…

I recently joined Doodly, and I am VERY impressed with your customer service. You are on the ball and want everyone to be successful–I LOVE IT!

Robin Johnson Necci 

If you want to tell stories in your business, and these days you really have to, you can’t beat doodly. I don’t even use the preloaded pictures that are in doodly as I am a cartoonist, but I love the way it makes my own drawings look naturally drawn as they build in the program. I’m using Doodly for authors book trailers and it’s working amazing. I’m always thinking of new ways to use it. I love this product and how simple it is to use. do run into technical difficulties from time to time, but the team is very responsive and helping me out. Do not hesitate to grab this amazing tool. I only feel sorry for the hugely expensive companies that create these videos from scratch, they have some stiff competition here for much less money. Of course it is important to know how to tell a story and be able to write a decent script for this or any other explainer software to work well for you. As a copywriter, I have a Headstart, but there are many easy for me was to follow to make this work for you.

Lisa Rothstein

Fantastic customer service. Had a problem with my account, resolved within a couple of hours and the over payment refunded immediately. Brilliant

Helen Elizabeth

And many more. Just go to the website or Facebook page and see for yourself.

How Easy Is It To Use Doodly?

The Doodly software was designed by marketers for marketers. It was developed over the coarse of 2 years adjusting every aspect of it to make it as easy as possible.

While you have Support team, Facebook community, and marketing team to help you along the way, it is safe to say, If you can switch your computer on, you can use Doodly with no problem.

How Much Does Doodly Cost?

I can say that this software doesn’t come cheap especially for new marketers. But given the fact of what you can do and achieve with it, the price becomes immaterial.

There are 3 levels of pricing:

  • Standard and it costs $39/month (Recommended to start)
  • Platinum it costs $59/month it has more characters and more poses than the standard (Best Value)
  • Enterprise it costs $69/month this is for business and when you are making more money. It have more audio tracks.

Conclusion About Doodly

I highly recommend Doodly if you are in the business of Marketing of any type. It doesn’t matter whether you want to promote your business, sell goods, make videos for others, I don’t see anything better in the market that is better than Doodly.

With 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee, it is a no-brainer to get a copy and there is really nothing to lose.

Get the software and start making money

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