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There is no doubt that videos are more superior and much much better when it comes to engagement and more attractive to pause and watch when it comes to online business. Whether you are selling something or not, if you have an online existence, you need traffic and eyeballs on your website.

Some people are natural and they enjoy creating videos and that is what they do. But for some people just like me, I find it difficult to create a video or I will have to buy expensive software in order to do so.

You might not be the person who enjoys making videos. But you need it for certain things like an e-commerce store, you want it for a client, or you want to advertise a product or service, and you need it fast.

You don’t have the time or skills to make professional-looking videos but you need videos…… What is the solution!

Well, let me tell you, I was that person until I found Content Samurai

It is an online-based software that enables you to make a professional-looking video in minutes.

How does Content Samurai Work?

As you see above, Content Samurai is the perfect solution to making videos if you are shy, don’t like to stand in front of the camera just like me, my mind goes blank when I am in front of the camera.

No one can deny that the future of advertising is shifting towards videos rather than images like the old times. Actually 80% of the internet traffic will be coming through videos in 2022 according to researches.

The Power of Video Marketing

We can’t deny the fact that when marketing, Videos are more powerful than images or text. Let’s see some stats about video marketing below:

  • In a survey that was done, around 60% of marketers say, Videos will take that major half of their marketing strategy. Source
  • Internet traffic coming through videos is estimated to be around 69% Source
  • When marketers were interviewed on Vidyard’s Report, 70% of them said videos get them more conversion. Source
  • 73% of US consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video reviewing the product or explaining it. Source
  • Videos attract web traffic that is 300% more than other sources. Source

And many more. Simply from your own experience, on Facebook, for example, you can clearly see that videos get more shares than just text or images. Do you agree with me?

How can I make videos without breaking the bank?

The solution is easy, Content Samurai. An online-based software that allows you to make stunning videos in minutes.

The regular price of the software is $47/month but they offer 7 days free trial. I can get you 25% off for life and that offer will be valid for a few days

How Content Samurai Works?

It is simple. You don’t have to be a techy person, You don’t have to be a graphic designer or a coder. All you need is, Laptop, Internet Connection, and a little time…..

  1. Choose the template you want to use
  2. Drop your script or text
  3. Choose music or voice over
  4. Watch the magic happen. see the video below

Pros and Cons of Content Samurai

Creates professional and visually stunning videos You still have to create videos
It is fast to create videosYou can't control the speed of a single slide
It is easy to use and doesn't require experience
No need to show your face and no need to record your voice
The cheapest video making software so far
Great for making Youtube videos

How To Make Money With Videos and Content Samurai?

There are many ways you can make videos regardless of what software you use.

Make Money With Videos as a Freelancer

Try to picture this, Tell me how many local businesses in your area where you live? How many dental clinics? How many real estate agencies?, Alteration shops, Coffee shops,…..etc.

I think you have got the idea. All these businesses need to advertise their business, they want to put videos about their business on their website, Youtube, ….etc.

If you reach out to these businesses and offered them to do a promotional video for them, let’s say 5-6 minutes video for $300, Do you think they won’t like that! I am sure, you will get a lot of clients. The best part of it is, with content samurai, it will take you a few minutes.

Make Money with Videos on Youtube

Watch this video below, It is someone advertising Content Samurai on Youtube.

I am sure you have seen a lot of people, teenagers, and kids make a lot of money on Youtube. By far, Videos on Youtube is the best and free way to advertise for anything.

Let’s say you are an affiliate of Amazon or any other company, you need to sell products, you need to advertise, but the problem is, you don’t want to show your face and you are like me, not a camera person, Content Samurai is the best thing you can do if you want to advertise your brand or a product just like the video above.

Make Money with Videos and E-commerce

If you have an e-commerce store like Shopify or any other online store, I am sure you have been using Facebook ads. I am sure you know by now engagement is the most important thing that can make or break your Facebook ad.

Videos no doubt have higher engagement than just images and text. Just try to picture this, you can make a highly engaging and professional-looking video ad in just 10 minutes.

Make Money with Videos and Blogs

If you have a blog site and you write a lot, How would you like to convert what you wrote to videos? I think that is an amazing idea. All you have to do is open Content Samurai and paste the text from your blog and watch the magic happen, in 5 minutes you made a professional video out of your blog post. A video that you can share on Facebook, Youtube, and other video sharing sites.

What Do People say About Content Samurai?

7,602 People Love Content Samurai

A simple search on Google or Youtube shows you that a lot of people really, really love Content Samurai and they are using it in their marketing journey.

YouTubers who are camera shy just like me, or even those who show their faces are in love with this powerful video making tool because it is easy, fast, and high-quality video making software.

Content Samurai Price

This software doesn’t really come cheap. The regular price is $47/month which is not really cheap specially as you are starting your online business. The good thing is, Content Samurai provides 7 days free trial with no commitment. After those seven days, you can actually keep all the videos you made.

I was also able to secure a 25% off deal that won’t last for long. and the 25% off on Content Samurai is for life.

Animoto or Lumen5 or Content Samurai Comparision

They are all great video making software, but let’s look at the main differences in the table below

Summary About Content Samurai

Like anything in life, there is nothing perfect including Content Samurai. I see the price can deter new marketers from getting this Video making Software. But think about the possibilities and the power of videos in your marketing journey. Think about all the possibilities that you can achieve with this software, think about Youtube and joining those who make magical money with videos.

I highly recommend Content Samurai for anyone who is interested in creating videos and want to make money with it.

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