Clickfunnels Platinum Review and pricing: Re-Branded Etison Suite

Who would have imagined in 5 short years, Clickfunnels becomes $100 million company, and there is no one who is doing online marketing except using, heard of, or thinking to use clickfunnels? It is an amazing success story that Russell Brunson created an example for every entrepreneur around the world.

Today, Russell announced the launch of clickfunnels Platinum that affects many people in the online marketing world. let’s see in this article, what are Clickfunnels Platinum, pricing, and Clickfunnels Platinum Review and pricing.

Clickfunnels Actionetics

Clickfunnels is and always known as sales funnel creation platform, they are good at it, they are the best in the market. Not long ago, clickfunnels decided to enter the market of email automation, autoresponders, and chatbots which is clear today that didn’t go well for them, and today, Russell announced that these services represented by Actionetics will be retiring.

Current users will continue to use them but the product will not be available for new users, not bug fix updates, and no new features. Oh, great. I was actually thinking to give the product a try but I was too late I thing and it is a good thing maybe. I wonder how many users will continue to use the products!

With Clickfunnels Platinum, Actionetics and Actionetics MD is called FollowUp Funnels which is better and easier to use.


After the update, there was a talk on the net that the backpack Affiliate system tool won’t be available for new users under Clickfunnels Platinum. But today, Russell himself that it is still available and nothing is changed.

That is a good new specially for those who have their own products and use clickfunnels to attract affiliates.

Nothing is changing. Everything stays the same. Yay!

Russel Brunson


Before the last update, there used to be a plan for people who want to experiment with clickfunnels and pay $19/month. Now, this plan is not available anymore.


See my review of Clickfunnels, as mentioned there, there are two types of plans you can get from clickfunnels


  • Maximum 20 sales funnels a month
  • Maximum 100 landing pages
  • Maximum 20,000 visitors to your sales funnel a month
  • An email autoresponder is not included
  • BackPack- Affiliate System is not included


  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Actionetics email autoresponder included
  • BackPack- Affiliate System tool included

Clickfunnels Platinum is a re-branding of the second (Etison) plan. Existing users of the etison plan will continue to use it and automatically will have clickfunnels platinum with no extra action that needs to be taken.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Clickfunnels Platinum users will also get the following.

  • Daily Virtual Hackathons – Practical, virtual training where you learn to build different types of sales funnels by highly trained coaches. This training is said to start around mid-October of this year.
  • Funnel Flix – When you log in to your Netflix account, what do you see? you see countless list of movies right. Funnel flix is the same concept. log in and you will find countless list of training that if you have to pay for in an individual purchase, you would have to come up with great wealth to pay for them. But clickfunnels included all that in the clickfunnels platinum package. see the list of courses available, and more courses to be added. See my complete review here
  1. Tony Robbins Private Collection
  2. One Funnel Away Challenge Content
  3. Funnel U
  4. 10X Secrets
  5. Traffic Secrets
  6. Jay Abraham: The Anthology
  7. The Warriors Way Doctrine
  8. 30 Day Challenge Content
  9. ALL Affiliate Bootcamp Content
  10. Funnel Builder Secrets
  11. Funnel Hackathon
  12. AdSkills
  13. Agora Copywriting
  14. Agora Media Buying
  15. Outsource Force
  16. Product Secrets
  17. Money Mindset
  18. High Ticket Secrets
  19. OfferMind

Also the basic plan, $97/month gets some free courses in Funnel Flix which is really good thing to have.

Knowing Russell Brunson, the creator of Clickfunnels, He always dreams big, He always wants to change the world, I am expecting Funnel Flix will be something big in the future. Only time can tell.

  • The Funnel Hacker Forum – This is a forum for Clickfunnels paying users. Since the main clickfunnels Facebook page includes around 200K users mixed between paying and not paying, Clickfunnels decided to separate paying users to have a separate clickfunnels Facebook group.

So, to recap, under Clickfunnels Platinum plan, you will get the following:

Existing Etison Users

  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • FollowUp Funnel that replaces Actionetics email autoresponder
  • BackPack- Affiliate System tool included
  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • Funnel Flix
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum

For New Users

  • Unlimited sales funnels
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Actionetics email autoresponder included
  • BackPack- Affiliate System tool included
  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • Funnel Flix
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum


When Clickfunnels Platinum first released September 23rd, there was a talk that funnel sharing won’t be available and it was actually tested and really was not available. I didn’t like that part since sharing funnel was a huge selling point for affiliates. But now, September 26th, it was all fixed and sharing is available and confirmed by Russel himself. I am sure all affiliates will be happy with that.

Another thing that I didn’t like is the price. For now, it is still at $297/month but it will be $697/month. We don’t know when it is going up to that price, Russell himself doesn’t know yet.

I think small businesses and affiliates who are just starting will struggle to pay that amount. That price should be really justified for them.

However, stablished affiliates and those who know the value of clickfunnels won’t hesitate to pay that amount on a monthly basis.


It free for 14 days trial period, then, you pay $297/month with cancelation anytime.

This deal considered to be a very good deal considering what you get out of Clickfunnels Platinum. The value of individual products included in this package is way and beyond the $297/month.

However, this price won’t stay like this forever according to Russell Brunson. It will be $697/month after some time. No one knows yet when that price kicks in, Russell himself said he doesn’t know and he doesn’t decide yet. So, if you are planning to join clickfunnels platinum, this is the right time before the price increases.

These are the exact words of Russell Brunson:

 We don’t know when or if it will go back to it’s full price at $697/month, so this is a great time to lock in ClickFunnels Platinum at $297/mth!

Russel Brunson


If you are using more than 20 sales funnels a month, then, yes. It is a must for you because your business will be losing money for not having enough funnels that drive sales and leads if you don’t have the platinum plan.

Another way to look at it, If you are still learning online businesses and trying to get started, think about the courses you need and they don’t come cheap. Just assess how much will you spend if you bought all the courses you need vs just buying the platinum plan and finding those courses for free inside FunnelFlix.


I think Clickfunnels Platinum package is still a great value as we used to see with all products of Clickfunnels. The absence of Actionetics and backpack affiliate system tools doesn’t make a difference with most the users just like me that I don’t use them at all.

If you have your own products and accept affiliates to promote your products, products and you use Backpack Affiliate System tools, you should think twice.

It is also a no brainer to get the product for a test drive for 14 days. Who knows, maybe that is the one thing missing from your business.

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