Legendary Marketer FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The Legendary Marketer program is a legit opportunity…BUT…it all depends on the direction you want to take with your online business.

Legendary Marketer is Great for Beginners for a couple of reasons:

  • Great Value Ladder
  • Strong Up Front VSL
  • Fantastic Supplemental Training
  • Built in Social Proof When YOU Earn Your First Commission
  • High Earning Potential ($4,000 or more)

For these reasons, I have recently started with the Legendary Marketer program.

I made a Legendary Marketer Faq and I also have a compilation of other people’s views that way you only have to read these.

Legendary marketer is a company that provides digital products like courses, online books, and membership in the making money online industry specifically in affiliate marketing.

Yes, Legendary marketer is legit. It is an educational platform where you learn to build your own online business, specifically, affiliate marketing. They also have a full refund policy if, for any reason, you didn’t like the product.

No, it is not. With a pyramid scheme, your income depends on your team and the people you recruit, but with Legendary marketer, your income depends on your effort and you can’t recruit people under you. Also, with legendary, all you get is education then, after that, it is up to you to promote legendary’ s products or any other products you outside legendary.

Legendary marketer is a company that provides many digital products ranging in price from $1 to $30K. There is no free product available. Sometimes, if you buy one product, you get other related products free of charge as a bonus. To become an affiliate for legendary marketer is free after completing the 15-day online business builder challenge that costs $7

Yes, it is worth it if you are looking to build your own affiliate marketing business. They provide high-quality educational digital products for a very cheap price. But, if you want another form of online business, legendary marketer is not for you.

Yes, legendary marketer works if you do the effort required and follow the teaching provided by them.

There are two ways to make money with legendary marketer, one way is to promote legendary marketer from becoming an affiliate for them and making affiliate commissions. The second way is to use the education and knowledge you get by legendary and promote other products outside legendary marketer.

Simply, it is an educational platform with several products on several topics. You take a course and apply what you learn in building your online affiliate marketing to promote legendary marketer products or any other products you choose to promote.

To promote legendary marketer products, you have to apply and get accepted to be an affiliate for legendary which requires you to complete the 15-day online business builder challenge that costs $7

There are several methods to promote legendary marketer products, you can use videos on Youtube, writing articles, TikTok videos, Facebook forums, and many other methods that you are comfortable with.

Legendary marketer sells digital educational products like courses, books, and affiliate marketing educational training. Legendary also has a monthly membership program for its affiliates.

Legendary marketer and Wealthy affiliate both teach affiliate marketing education and training platforms with the following differences;

  • Wealthy affiliate is a membership-based platform with access to all their products, training, and community while legendary is based on a single product purchase based without having access to their other products without a separate purchase
  • Legendary marketer excels in the quality of the training and platform while wealthy affiliate excels in the huge community around it
  • The platform of legendary marketer is modern while the platform of wealthy affiliate looks outdated

To become legendary marketer affiliate, you have to complete the 15-day online business builder challenge that costs $7 then apply to become an affiliate where a new set of training is open for you to help you promote Legendary marketer effectively if you are approved as an affiliate.

Yes, there are many legendary marketer reviews on the internet like this one

There are several companies teaching affiliate marketing and can be alternatives to Legendary marketer like The one funnel away challenge and wealthy affiliates, but, they all come with advantages and disadvantages in them. You have to know what is the priority and what exactly you are looking for to make an informed decision  

Legendary marketer blueprints are advanced training in affiliate marketing, digital product marketing, event and mastermind business, and coaching and consulting business. They are designed for those who are advanced in their online business and costs $2,500 each

There are two types of legendary marketer affiliates, basic which pays 10 – 30% in affiliate commission and Pro which pays 40 – 60% in commission. The difference between the two is a subscription to Legendary club that costs $29.95/month.

Legendary pays its affiliates every Friday through an e-wallet

Legendary marketer affiliate application is an online-based application where you apply to become an affiliate to legendary marketer after completing the 15-day online business builder challenge. The challenge became a requirement to make sure the person applying to become an affiliate understands what affiliate marketing is and how to promote products

There is a big list where Legendary marketer is blocked and these countries are banned from joining legendary marketer. See the list here.

Legendary Marketer holds B- rating on Better Business Bureau and 2.6 stars out of 5 with 13 complaints and 5 of them being resolved in the last 12 months. These numbers are as of June 21, 2021

Legendary marketer has two books, The insider’s guide to affiliate marketing that teaches affiliate marketing with text and an audio version, and the copywriter’s playbook that teaches copywriting. These books sell for $1.99 and $1 respectively.

It is a 15-day video training in building an online affiliate marketing business. It is also a requirement to apply to be an affiliate to Legendary marketer once completed. The training costs $7 and you get a lot of value, bonuses, and your coach. Read more

Legendary Marketer has the following courses;

  • 15-day online business challenge. A 15-day affiliate marketing video training $7
  • 15-Second free leads. Training on generating free traffic on Tiktok $1
  • Omni-Branding Formula. Training on the branding on youtube $47
  • Traffic university – Training on generating traffic $1,497
  • They also have other courses that are not available to the public unless they take one of the basic entry-level course

Legendary marketer club is a monthly membership that costs $30/month for affiliates and they get the following benefits from it;

  • 40 – 60% commission instead of 10 – 30% on any products they sell
  • Weekly marketing training webinar
  • Exclusive interview with Kevin Harrington from shark tank
  • And much more training in marketing

Legendary Marketer doesn’t give away their phone number, if you want to talk to them, you have to send an email or chat with them online. The only time they use phone calls is when you call your business coach if you choose to have one

Yes, some people placed complaints against Legendary marketer on BBB website and some of those complaints were resolved.

David Sharpe is the founder of Legendary marketer. He started as a network marketer then he moved to affiliate marketing and made more than $200 million in affiliate marketing

To join Legendary marketer, you have to purchase one of their products. They have cheap products like $1, $1.99, and $7 products

It is a board (a website) that shows who made the most money in three columns, today, last 7 days, and last 30 days. This is a good encouragement for affiliate marketers. Only affiliates have access to this board.

No, Legendary doesn’t provide any free download. All products are paid for, but they have cheap products as little as $1

Legendary provides a refund policy on all products, some products have 30 days refund policy like the 15-day challenge, 15 second free leads, and the ebooks. 3 days refund policy on business blueprints

There is legendary marketer Facebook support group affiliates can access. Currently, the page has 5.6K members and growing daily

It is a course that costs $1 teaching how to get unlimited leads on TikTok. The training is a video and highly popular. More info.

Here is a list of legendary marketer training;

  • 15-day online business builder challenge. Build your online business with video tutorials in 15 days
  • 15 Second free leads. Generate unlimited free leads on Tiktok
  • Traffic University. How to get unlimited traffic to your offer
  • The Omni-Branding Formula. How to brand yourself on Youtube
  • Other courses are available for members only. Become a member

Yes, Legendary marketer has a blog that includes videos and text transcript of those videos.

Legendary's blog post page is updated regularly and there is always something new to watch or read. See legendary marketer blog

Yes, Legendary has a complete stand alone lessons called easy blog walkthrough where they teach blogging and blogging tips

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