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One Funnel Away Challenge

We can claim payment from our affiliates if you purchase from our connections. For every online company, building a sales funnel is important. My record sales increased by 150 percent owing to a quick sales funnel created with Click Funnels. In comparison to the thousands of other Click Funnels clients, my findings are moderate. 

Getting going, however, could be challenging if you’re interested in online selling and have never really created a sales funnel previously. 

How Will One Funnel Away Begin?

I was new to sales funnels per year ago. As a result, I did sign up for Russell Bruson’s One Funnel Away Challenge, which would be Click Funnels’ flagship training guide. In this comprehensive review of the One Funnel Away Challenge, I’ll reveal all you need to know about this famous training course based on my past observation of it. 

I’m aiming to do the accompanying: 

  • Offer you a thorough overview of the problem.
  • I’ll show everyone how it made me sell books through my website, point by point.
  • Highlight the benefits and disadvantages of joining.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Review is ideal for anyone who is brand new to sales funnels and needs a clear overview of this popular training program. That’s the article I wish I had read until deciding whether or not to enter this course.  Let’s get this conversation going. 

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?

What is OFA Challenge

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day virtual curriculum that will walk you thru the process of creating a massively lucrative sales funnel. Since I first started using sales funnels, I accepted the chance myself (figuratively speaking). 

The instructors are Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, and Julie Profits to be made. They’ll show you all they’ve learned from building several hundred revenue funnels through educational videos. Each day, they break down controversial subjects and assign missions (similar to schoolwork) that you must accomplish to progress to the next level. 

People recall 90% of what we learn if they put it into action right away, so completing the daily missions helps solidify the information. But don’t worry; Russell’s regular tasks aren’t too hard to accomplish; instead, they’re built to drive you to your limit and force you to think outside of the box. You’ll be ready to release your initial (or next) funnel to the country at the end of 30 days. 


Was its One Funnel Away Challenge right for you, though? This challenge may not be for everyone, in my view. The challenge is a very quick challenge that will take up 30 days of your time and attention. 

If you fulfill the specified requirements, the challenge is ideal for you: 

  • Get an idea for an online business but aren’t certain how to market your services or goods.
  • Have you hit a roadblock in your company and need a reservoir strategy to take this to the next level?
  • Are you an accredited investor trying to maximize your sales?
  • Have no idea how to build a gradient but would like to learn?
  • I have to repair a funnel that already operates.

However, the challenge is probably not for those people who: 

  • Don’t have a chance to observe the videos or complete the quests?
  • Would you like a business strategy that will allow you to “get rich fast”?
  • They would like preparation of how they can commit weeks to.
  • Please don’t believe that putting money out of their own company (this challenge isn’t available; we’ll discuss the value represents).
  • They assume their sales funnels are perfect, and they wouldn’t want to be forced to learn and grow.
  • If any of the mentioned above apply to you, you should probably stop writing my One Funnel Away Task review because the challenge might not be for us.

Start One Funnel Away Challenge

How will One Funnel Away Challenge Help?

Suppose you don’t like to brag about how easy it is to earn money online. There are also plenty of internet businesses that are far more positive than I am about using it. Even so, it would be useful to provide you with a leap description of how this training course benefited me. 

This will bring all I say in this One Funnel Away Challenge review into context. So, here is another quick recap of my case. I was indeed a blogger who was not making much money until I discovered the One Funnel Away Challenge program. Unless you’re a blogger or know somebody who is, you’ll understand that I’m not exactly Robinson Crusoe in this respect.

The problem is that I’m a good leader who knows how to drive several visitors to my site. Sadly, I was hopeless at getting a profit from what I have been writing for.


My digital sales have risen by 150 percent in much less than a year since switching to Click Funnels. With Click Funnels, I went from marketing $120 of printed books per day in total to $300.

The amount of traffic I sent to the product pages didn’t rise substantially. The point is that I’m selling much better, with an increase in increase in the value from $11 to $19. Not a bad booster for something which is merely a solo act for my company.


Since learning about 2-Step Tripwire in the One Funnel Away Challenge, I wanted to be used it.  It’s a simple funnel that’s ideal for the eBooks I wanted to market. The trick to this funnel is to include a purchase that is too good to give up.

A simple one of my printed books costs $9. They’ll be taken to my tall drag-and-drop subscription after we buy this. If they do not buy my upsell, they will be offered a cheaper drag-and-drop down-sell.  My one-click offer is a $25 pack of all seven of my eBooks. The 1-click down-sell comprises two eBooks that are closely related to the single eBook we bought for $8 in the first place.

It’s essential to mention the one-click element of this. We attach the purchase or down-sell to their cart with just one click since I already have their credit card information from the previous eBook purchase. There was no need to press for the credit card details again.

So here are all the six stages of the funnels:

  • A page devoted to sales
  • Order form
  • Upsell/
  • Up gently
  • Proof of your order
  • Proof of your order


I’d want to explain the value of funnels when I get into the real meat of the One Funnel Away Challenge program. You didn’t realize why the knowledge shared in the OFA Challenge has become so important unless you know why funnels are so important to your business.

You won’t want to skip this section whether you’re now selling. A sales funnel, put, is the road that leads your consumer to your bid, whether that’s an item, product, or associate sale.

If your funnel is set up correctly, it acts like a sales representative who guides your customers through the process and enables them to buy through you.  Each day, we go through multiple sales funnels, from having our coffee to getting food to online shopping for things we want.

It would help if you learned how to automate your funnels to have more clicks, traffic, and profits as an intelligent small businessman.  Regrettably, sales funnels can be hard to understand, and if they don’t know how a good funnel feels like, you may end up doing more harm than better.

A poorly designed funnel will lose prospects all long way, resulting in low sales prices and disappointed consumers. A very well funnel, on the other hand, is the key to growing your market.


The One Funnel Away Challenge is a powerful system that will help you earn more sales online. Once you sign up, you’ll have a box shipped to your doorstep full of materials and resources (if you want to pay the postage; else, all is done on the internet).  And here is what you’re about to get.


When sold individually, the above training material and performance calls are valued at more than $2,000, and very honestly, they are all you need to build your funnel.  

But, as with any smart businessman, Russel Brunson drops in a slew of bonuses to entice visitors to pledge ready for the task.  Here are all the One Funnel Away Challenge bonuses you’ll receive as soon as possible to make up.


I believe it when I claim this program is quick. You may not have the luxury of moving slowly and hastily. You may fall behind if you choose to take time off.  Even though I’m not the most diligent student when it came to this challenge, I pushed myself to set time aside per day to learn new things from such a program. Was its promise of producing extremely valuable funnels worth 30 days of working hard? These are meant for me.


When you join the one funnel away challenge, I will give you the following bonuses as a thank you for using my affiliate link.

Just email me ( the proof of purchase and I send you the bonuses.

I also have a detailed description of the bonuses here

Group Convert

1. Croup Convert

It is a tool (Chrome extension) that collects the email addresses of each member of your Facebook group and dumps them in your autoresponder of choice automatically.

As you know that you don’t own the audience of any FB group but this way you can get their email address and put them into your funnel

Value $197

Watcher Spy

2. Watcher Spy

If you have an online business, surely you have people you follow to learn from them.

But, it can be a chore to check if someone from your list has something new.

Watcher Spy is a Chrome extension that tells you about their new blog post, Youtube video, tweet, Pinterest pin, or Facebook post all in one place. So, in short, it keeps you up to date and saves you a lot of time.

Value $197

5 Easy steps to affiliate marketing

3. 5 Easy Steps To Affiliate Marketing

Free PDF download that simplify affiliate marketing and shows you how to do it in a simple way.

The document is printable and easy to understand

Value $97

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