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Automizy Review

If you have a business, small or big you should be using email marketing no matter what because that’s where the money is. Big businesses like Amazon, Children’s place, Wal-Mart, and others all use email marketing because they know it works and they can make money with that.

The process of using email marketing is straightforward. Simply:

  • Select email service provider
  • Collect email addresses
  • Start sending email
  • Make money

Now, you have one problem to worry about and it is called open rate.

Simply put, it is how many people open your emails? if you send an email to 1000 people and 500 people open the email, then your open rate is 50%

The higher the open rate you have, the more emails land in your subscriber’s mail folder instead of their junk folder, the more trust you have among just filter platforms, and most importantly, the more money you make regardless of what you do.

In this article, I am going to review Automizy, a software that can help you and me increase our open rate

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    What Is Autonizy?

    Automizy is an email automation platform that is used by small and mid-sized businesses. Automizy is claimed to increase the open rate of emails by at least 34% which is not bad. It is like you have two chances to get your email opened.

    The platform is user-friendly, easy to use, and the appearance is appealing.

    What Are The Features Of Automizy?

    Honestly speaking, all email provider services share almost the same features and what you find is, that each provider claim to be good on something specific. for example, Automizy is an increased open rate. But, let’s see some of the features here…..

    Growing Your Mailing List

    Almost all email providers offer subscription forms and landing pages to capture emails and grow your list. But, I can testify that Automizy provides really modern and attractive forms. It also offers common services like CSV upload and stats and reports.

    Visually Appealing Automation Builder

    Building automation couldn’t be easier. This is what I like most about Automizy, without losing a focused ad while you are on the same screen, you can build the most powerful automation with all tagging, action, and behavior.

    Emails With High Open Rate

    This is the unique feature of Automizy, and this is a very important feature.

    When creating an email, you can test your subject line, you can use an AB tester, and a resend option for those who don’t open your emails. so, in short, it gives you two chances for your emails to be opened. All that happens with an amazing drag and drop environment which is so much fun to do.

    Also, another factor to determine the open rate of your emails is, your email subject lines

    Tracking AB Testing Result And Improving

    After you set up your AB testing, and when there is enough data to test, Automizy shows you the clear winner of your different subject lines, or the different versions of your emails then you can choose the winner and increase your open rate.

    The reporting capability of Automizy is a good tool and gives you stats of Emails matrics, form signup, campaign stats, and most importantly, your open rate.

    Email Editor Options

    To write emails, you have many options like text, coded with HTML, drag, and drop, or ready-made templates. so, whatever you need, Automizy has it

    There are many more features but they are common with all other email service providers and no point in mentioning them all.

    Is Automizy Right For Me?

    If you are using other email provider services like ActiveCampaignConvertKityAweber, or any other service, and you are happy with your open rate, then you are good and have no point switching to Automizy.

    But, if you don’t have a provider yet, or you are not happy with your open rate with the current provider, then Automizy is right for you because the service, quality, and the price are just right and balanced especially for beginners.

    Automizy Pricing

    Before mentioning the price, it is really useful to mention two things:

    1. Automizy offers 14 days free trial with no credit card information required
    2. There are 60 day money-back guarantee with no questions asked

    If you are on a paid plan, the price depends on the number of subscribers you have which starts at $9/month for 200 subscribers. if you have more subscribers see below the price and price comparison between most favorite email services.

    any plan can be canceled by you anytime with no fee

    Active Campaign Lite$15$15$29$49$89$139$225
    Active Campaign Plus$75$75$75$135$180$269$430
    GetResponse (Basic)$15$15$15$25$45$65$65
    GetResponse (Plus)$15$15$49$59$79$95$95

    Pros And Cons Of Automizy

    Segments and tags are reliable and powerful toolAB testing is limited to Subject line
    With Automizy, you have two chances to get your emails opennedEmail templates are limited
    Platform is easy to use and supported by appealing visuals No RSS feeds to email automation
    Price is on the lower end comparing to other providers
    Signup forms are modern and attractive

    Automizy FAQ

    Yes, once you sign up on a paid version plan, you get 60-day money back guarantee no question asked. This guarantee is not available for those who have a custom plans with 10,000 subscribers.

    Unlike some email service providers, unsubscribed, banned, or duplicate subscribers do not count in the calculation. you are charged only for those who are active.

    The emails you can send is unlimited

    Automizy vs Competition

    Let’s see a comparison between Automizy and some email marketing service providers.


    I usually know right away what I like about a certain software and what I dislike. I know right away that a certain platform is better than the other except in this case.

    I have torn apart between these two platforms and I don’t know which one is better. instead of saying which one is better, let me tell you what I don’t like about ActiveCampaig

    • Affiliate links are not allowed
    • You have to have a paid plan if you want to be an affiliate

    When it comes to performance, there is no one better than the other except I say this: If you have a huge list, go with Activecampaig. If your list is not that huge, go with Automizy

    Automizy vs Mailchimp

    The thing you have to know about Mailchimp is, that they have a free plan for up to 2,500 subscribers but, to be honest, I used it for some time but, never like it at all.

    There are two things I didn’t like about Mailchimp

    • It is not easy to use and the platform is confusing
    • They don’t allow affiliate links

    So, for me, I prefer Automizy better than Mailchimp big time.

    Automizy vs Drip

    Drip is an email service that I like so much but, depending on what you need, Drip is more on e-commerce and offers more than just an email service for affiliate marketing emails.

    That is also reflected in the price since it starts at $49/month which is not an easy amount, especially for someone who is just starting an online business

    So, If you have an e-commerce, go with Drip, otherwise, go with Automizy

    What I Like Most About automizy

    While the platform is like any other email marketing platform, Automizy excels in five areas that I love the most…..

    1. Ease of use – As I said earlier, the platform is easy to use and the learning curve is not that long compared to other similar services. This can be an advantage for those who are not experienced in technology
    2. Visual performance – It is always nice when you see the workflow of your emails as a high-level view. With Automizy, you can edit/modify campaigns and workflow without leaving the screen you are on. which can help the thought process.
    3. Double Chances – With Automizy, you have a double chance of your emails being opened which can greatly help your open rate.
    4. A.I.-based subject line tester – We all know how important your subject line is. In fact, it plays a big role in the open rate of any email. So, before sending your email, Automizy can test your subject line and give you a score based on thousands of tests.
    5. Automatic Resend – Sometimes, you send an email but not all your subscribers open it. With Automizy, you can set it up to resend the email again in a day or two to those who didn’t open the first email
    Automizy AB testing

    Final Thought

    Automizy was developed by experienced marketers for marketers, they know what works based on long years of experience. The platform is a combination of ease, practicality, and high performance.

    I recommend the product for small to mid-sized businesses or anyone who is struggling with a low email open rate.

    I give Automizy 4.7 stars out of 5

    There is no reason not to try it specially, while there are 14 days free trial period and 60 days money back guarantee.

    My Bonuses

    When you join Automizy paid plan, I will give you the following bonuses as a thank you for using my affiliate link.

    Just email me ( the proof of purchase and I send you the bonuses.

    Group Convert

    1. Croup Convert

    It is a tool (Chrome extension) that collects the email addresses of each member of the Facebook group and dumps them in your autoresponder of choice automatically.

    As you know that you don’t own the audience of any FB group but this way you can get their email address and put them into your funnel

    Value $197

    Watcher Spy

    2. Watcher Spy

    If you have an online business, surely you have people you follow to learn from them.

    But, it can be a chore to check if someone from your list has something new.

    Watcher Spy is a Chrome extension that tells you about their new blog post, Youtube video, tweet, Pinterest pin, or Facebook post all in one place. So, in short, it keeps you up to date and saves you a lot of time.

    Value $197

    5 Easy steps to affiliate marketing

    4. 5 Easy Steps To Affiliate Marketing

    Free PDF download that simplifies affiliate marketing and shows you how to do it in a simple way.

    The document is printable and easy to understand

    Value $97

    Ultimate lifetime affiliate programs

    5. The ultimate list of lifetime recurring affiliate programs

    This free download includes an unlimited number of affiliate programs that you can join and promote

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